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31.10.2016 10:09 Age: 1 year
Category: Awards

2016 Lloyd Avant Scholar Award to Lori Sjolund, Ph.D.

Jon Kelly and Lori Sjolund

It is with great pleasure we congratulate Dr. Lori Sjolund on her selection as the Department of Psychology’s 2016 Lloyd Avant Scholar!

The Lloyd Avant Scholar Award was created to recognize a doctoral student in the Cognitive Psychology Program at Iowa State University whose accomplishments have advanced psychology either locally (through campus mentoring or teaching activities) or nationally / internationally (through the conduct, presentation, and/or publication of outstanding research).  The faculty are pleased to have selected Dr. Lori Sjolund as the 2016 recipient of the Avant Award for her outstanding research contributions and prolific publication history while at ISU, as well as her excellent contributions to teaching PSYCH 102 and the mentorship of undergraduate students (and new graduate students) in Dr. Jon Kelly’s laboratory.  Dr. Sjolund received her doctoral degree in the May of 2016, and is now a Senior Human Factors & Usability Engineer for the Corporate Research Laboratory at 3M.

About Dr. Lloyd Avant

Dr. Avant was a Professor at Iowa State University from 1968 to 1998.  He was a dedicated scholar and teacher who lectured on perception and research methods at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  His research on early visual perception explored both basic questions, such as the extent to which the visual system has access to semantic information prior to conscious recognition of a stimulus, and applied questions, such as whether traffic signs were designed so that they efficiently conveyed the intended meaning.  He believed that cognitive psychology could improve the world!