Our current faculty is active in research and/or professional training. With over $30 million in external grant support, faculty conduct research ranging from critical societal issues (such as drug and alcohol use/abuse, health-related behaviors, violence, eyewitness testimony, and satisfaction with work) to more basic research questions that add to psychology's foundation of knowledge.

These individuals have won awards for excellence in teaching and in research. In addition, they are active in enhancing psychology as a discipline by serving numerous editorial roles on APA journals and leadership positions on national committees.

Most important, our faculty share a commitment to excellence in graduate education and this department’s continued growth. We are dedicated to helping you to become your best in your graduate studies in psychology at Iowa State University.

Department Faculty

Name Area Phone Office E-Mail
Anderson, Craig A. Social
(Area Director)
294-3118 Sci I 375B caa
Armstrong, Patrick I. Counseling 294-8788 Lago W237 pia
Blankenship, Kevin Social 294-9270 O&L 0008 kevinb1
Carpenter, Shana K. Cognitive 294-6385 O&L 0010 shacarp
Chan, Jason C.K. Cognitive 294-6946 O&L 0006 ckchan
Cooper, Eric E. Cognitive 294-2118 Lago W273 ecooper
Costabile, Kristi Social 294-9620 Lago W253 costabil
Crede, Marcus. Social 294-7462 Lago W271 mcrede
Cross, Susan E. Social
(Director of
Graduate Education)
294-3224 Sci I 375A scross
Cutrona, Carolyn E. Counseling & Social
(Department Chair)
294-0283 Lago W112 ccutrona
Dark, Veronica J. Cognitive 294-1688 Sci I 374 vjdark
Gentile, Douglas A. Social 294-1472 Lago W202 dgentile
Guyll, Max Social 294-8006 Sci I 490 guyll
Kelly, Jon Cognitive 294-2322 O&L 0018 jonkelly
Krizan, Zlatan Social 294-1975 Lago W204 zkrizan
Larson, Lisa M. Counseling 294-1487 Lago W216 lmlarson
Madon, Stephanie Social 294-2932 Sci I 492 madon
Marsee, Monica Counseling 294-3950 Lago W259 mmarsee
Meissner, Christian Cognitive
(Area Director)
294-2119 Sci I 487B cameissn
Phillips, Alison L. Social 249-3393 O&L 0020 alisonp
Prieto, Loreto R. Counseling 294-2455 Lago W218 lprieto
Sweet, Dawn Communication Studies 294-6370 Lago W153 sweet
Venkatagiri, Horabail Speech and Hearing Science 294-6476 Pearson 3248A giri
Vogel, David L. Counseling 294-1582 Lago W149 dvogel
Wade, Nathaniel G. Counseling
(Area Director)
294-1455 Lago W208 nwade
Wei, Meifen Counseling 294-7534 Lago W214 wei
Wells, Gary L. Social 294-6033 Sci I 476A glwells